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Time for relaxation

Experience relaxation at its best and use our wellness offer including sauna, steam bath and swimming pool.

Whether as a couple or alone, enjoy a relaxing time in our house.

The opening hours of our Aqua Spa can be found below.

Our swimming pool and sauna area is currently closed.

Swimming pool

In our house there is a heated swimming pool available from 07:30 to 21:30. Here you can refresh to your heart's content.

Please note that our swimming pool is closed on Wednesdays
from 15:30 to 17:30 and on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00.


Leave stress and hectic behind and treat yourself to a break in the Ringhotel Aquarium.

In the Aqua-Spa you will find three comfortably furnished treatment rooms, where we will treat you to massages, exfoliation, wraps, facials, hot clams and stones. So you can leave everyday life behind. And enjoy the treasures of the sea.

Our beautician, Mrs. Sindy Ernst, pampers you with skilful hands with a wellness massage or conjures up a smile on your face with her face, hands or feet treatments.

With dedication and expertise every visit to our "Aqua Spa - Like a Fish in the Water" becomes a relaxing experience for body and soul.

Make an appointment now for a "break at the North Sea"

Telephone: 04881 93050 or

Opening hours

currently closed


Relax in the afternoon or evening from 14:00 to 21:30 in our Finnish sauna and steam room. The sauna area offers space to relax after an eventful day.

Please note that the rooms are closed on Wednesdays
from 15:30 to 17:30 and on Thursdays from 17:00 to 19:00.

Our Aqua-Spa - the source of well-being

  • Peels and packs

    Peelings promote blood circulation, remove dead horn scales and optimally prepare the skin for the absorption of active ingredients.

    Whole-body sea salt peeling
    for sensitive and sensitive skin (ca. 25 Min.)

    Price: € 25,00

    Whole-body peeling-Earl Grey
    with honey blossom sugar and black tea extracts for allergic and very dry skin (ca. 25 Min.)

    Price: € 28,00

    Packs have a detoxifying and detoxifying effect due to algae, sea silt and sea salt. They actively add trace elements and minerals to the skin.

    Whole-body sea mud pack
    has a calming, itch-relieving and moisturizing effect (ca. 40 Min.)

    Price: € 45,00

    Whole-body-pack - Earl Grey (black tea- extract)
    has an antibacterial, clarifying skin and slows down skin aging. (ca. 40 Min.)

    Price: € 48,00

  • Massages

    A relaxing massage benefits skin, connective tissue and muscles. It is a blessing when essential oils or warm basalt stones are added.


    Incredible, but true, around 72,000 nerve strands connect the internal organs to our feet. Blockages are released and the self-healing powers activated by selective grip techniques. (ca. 40 Min.)

    Price: € 40,00

    Head, face and neck massage

    A soothing, relaxing massage with warm oils. (ca. 30 Min.)

    Price: € 30,00


    Kneading and stretching relieves tension and hardened muscles. (ca. 30 Min.)

    Price: € 35,00

    Whole-body massage

    A regenerating, relaxing massage that is beneficial with special massage handles. (ca. 60 Min.)

    Price: € 65,00


    Relaxing and regenerating full body massage with essential oils specially tailored to you. Gentle, harmonious massage grips provide peace and well-being. (ca. 60 Min.)

    Price: € 68,00


    A combination of a relaxing back massage and a stimulating foot reflexology massage. (ca. 50 Min.)

    Price: € 50,00


    Warm basalt stones are gently and powerfully guided over the body. Deep relaxation and strength gain are the result of this wonderful treatment. (ca. 90 Min.)

    Price: € 95,00


    Wellness massage with warm clams. The warmth of the shells relaxes tense muscles, the soothing fragrance of the massage oil soothes the soul. The massage has a positive effect on tension in the muscles and deep relaxation takes place. (ca. 80 Min.)

    Price: € 95,00

  • Facials

    Beauty and care from "Maria Galland".
    The basis of all Maria Galland products consists of valuable oils, algae, mineral earth and high-quality essences. They provide the skin with moisture, improve skin elasticity and supply it with important minerals and trace elements.

    Soin Fraîcheur

    A classic care treatment that gives the skin freshness and radiance. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, essence and final care. (ca. 45 Min.)

    Price: € 49,00

    Soin Classique

    Intensive moisturizing treatment for mature skin. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, essence, eye care, massage, mask and final care. (ca. 60 Min.)

    Price: € 55,00

    Soin Thalasso Visage

    The effective algae modeling has a cooling, purifying and visibly clarifies the complexion. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, essence, pressure point massage and final care.(ca. 60 Min.)

    Price: € 65,00

    Soin Masque Modelant

    he classic treatment by Maria Galland. The self-heating mineral mask offers a spectacular result. Noticeably reduced wrinkles, a finer, smoother and radiant skin relief. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, essences, eye care, massage, mask and final care. (ca. 90 Min.)

    Price: € 85,00

    Facial experience Earl Gray

    An exclusive facial treatment with black tea extracts. Earl Gray stimulates the metabolism, refines the pores and slows down skin aging. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, essences, massage, mask and final care. (ca. 30 Min.)

    Price: € 28,00

    Mann, oh Mann

    Invigorates the demanding men's skin with an extra portion of moisture and freshness. Cleaning, peeling, cleansing, essence, eye care, massage, mask, final care. (ca. 60 Min.)

    Price: € 60,00

  • Beauty care

    Depilation with warm wax

    Upper lip (ca. 10 Min.) € 9,00

    Leg to knee (ca. 3o Min.) € 29,00

    Whole leg (ca. 45 Min.) € 40,00

    dye eyelashes (ca. 15 Min.) € 12,00

    color eyebrows (ca. 10 Min.) € 9,00

    correct eyebrows (ca. 10 Min.) € 9,00

    color eyelashes and eyebrows (ca. 25 Min.) € 17,00

  • Nice hands and feet

    Manicure (ca. 40 Min.) € 25,00
    or well-groomed and tender hands. The nails are shaped and polished. Pure care is then massaged in.

    • with color (ca. 60 Min.) € 30,00
    • with peeling and pack (ca. 60 Min.) € 39,00
    • with peeling, pack and color (ca. 75 Min.) € 44,00

    Pedicure (ca. 40 Min.) € 25,00
    for well-groomed and beautiful feet. After a relaxing foot bath, nails are shortened, shaped and the cornea is gently removed. Pure care is then massaged in.

    • with color (ca. 60 Min.) € 30,00
    • with peeling and pack (ca. 60 Min.) € 39,00
    • with peeling, pack and color (ca. 75 Min.) € 44,00

Our exclusive wellness offers for you:

  • Rose dreams - Wellness for two

    Enjoy a variety of massages and treatments at the Ringhotel Aquarium. A sensual pleasure for two romantic epicures.

    This offer includes:

    2x night in a romantically decorated room
    2x breakfast buffet
    1x voucher worth € 30, - per person for the first evening in our restaurant
    1x romantic candlelight dinner (4 courses) on the last evening
    1x rose oil massage for the back
    1x head-neck-shoulder massage
    1x glass of rosé sparkling wine
    1x wellness package for the duration of your stay (sauna towels, bathrobes and small surprise)

    and the free use of swimming pool and sauna

    Prices for the period 13.04. - 15.10.2018

    € 276,00 per person in a double room - category "Comfort"
    € 296,00 per person in a double room - category "Superior"

    Book your double room here!

    Prices for the period 01.01. - 13.04.2018 and 16.10 - 31.12.2018

    € 261,00 per person in a double room - category "Comfort"
    € 281,00 per person in a double room - category "Superior"

    Book your double room here!

  • Wellness day "Spa harmony"

    Gently release blockages and tensions, nourishing pedicures and a facial application that will make you glow and shine again.

    This offer includes:

    1x freshly vitamin cocktail
    1x full body peeling (15 min)
    1x Hot Stone - Massage (90 min)
    1x pedicure (45 min)
    1x facial application (90 min)
    1x light 2-course lunch with water 0,75 l
    -as well as the free use of swimming pool and sauna


    € 252,00 per person

    The wellness day is without overnight stay.
    The overnight stay can be booked separatly